2nd Class: Aurelius Update

I just had my second class on this same lesson plan.  While it didn’t go as amazingly wonderfully as the first lesson, I would still give it 8.5 stars out of 10.  The kids are a little more thoughtful, a little more careful about talking in class, but definitely interested in the text. 

We only got through the paragraph on Diognetus, which is their thoughtfulness and caution talking.

Three kids that I didn’t hear say anything last year of significance got some strong ideas about whether or not it was OK to root for sports teams.  It was interesting to hear them insist that they could root for sports teams if they wanted, but that maybe it wasn’t so good for a leader to cheer too loudly for one team instead of another.

But everyone said something; it’s a smaller class, and so everyone spoke up and contributed something to the discussion.  I was pleased and impressed. A good start for everyone.

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