How to Plagiarize/ How to Avoid Academic Dishonesty

Here’s my lesson plan for my history classes today:

  1. Go over class rules.
  2. School’s official homework header
  3. Grab a history book from the back shelf
  4. Copy a sentence from the book.
  5. Turn in the page.
  6. “This is plagiarism.  You’ve turned in someone else’s writing as your own, and even if you copied it out by hand, it’s still claiming that you did original work.”
  7. Discuss plagiarism and academic dishonesty.
  8. “here’s how to fix it.”
  9. Turn back the homework.
  10. How to footnote.
  11. How to create a bibliography.

Will I have to repeat this lesson? Absolutely.  Will they get it right the first time? Almost certainly not.  Is it a good way to begin? I think so… they go on from here to hoity-toity private schools and high-end public schools. They should know enough not to get thrown out for academic dishonesty.

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