New Year’s Cookies

I wound up making dropped sugar cookies tonight for Chinese New Year. I wanted to do something for the three Asian kids that live on my dorm (four actually, but one went home for CNYE). It turned out to be surprisingly difficult. I made the mistake of asking permission to set off fireworks, and got turned down. I tried to order Chinese food, but then couldn’t figure out a window of opportunity in which to pick it up. I settled for cookies, but then once again hit the two-hour window problem of dropped sugar cookies, which need refrigeration for two hours after the dough is mixed.

Even so, I was able to turn out the cookies before midnight local time. I have a crescent moon shape, for making cookies for pagan-ish holidays and Christmas, so it was easy to re-adapt that shape to a Lunar New Year cookie. I added ginger and lemon (not really Chinese taste, especially not with all the butter), but the three kids appreciated the late-night arrival of a plate of cookies, shortly before midnight local time.

I have to do this better next year.

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