Schools We Need

Chris Lehman talking an Ignite Philly 2, about the Schools We Need.

“Certain technologies are not additive, but transformative. They should not give us schools + computers, they should give us whole new schools, and things that we can’t even recognize yet; and technology should be like Oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary and invisible.”

Research, create, collaborate, network.

On a completely different note, the idea of an IGNITE excites me. You get 20 slides, 15 seconds a slide, and the slides rotate automatically after 15 seconds. What would you say?

How do we get this to come to our world?

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  1. Hey,

    That presentation is known as Pecha Kucha and you can read a bit more about it here. Search on the term and you’ll find more stuff. There’s a pecha kucha event happening in Boston on the 12th of Nov.


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