Creating a Lodge?

The FourFold Temple will have its first meeting tomorrow. Please confirm with a comment if you are planning to attend.

Our meeting will be in a quiet corner at Jumpin’ Juice & Java, which is in Worcester, MA. Their website is…

The address is…
335 Chandler St.
Worcester, MA 01602

Their phone number is…
(508) 926-8800

The time we should meet? 7:30pm

Looking forward to seeing you there

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  1. I’m looking for some folks. Could you get yourself as far as Uxbridge? Do you know anyone in the Providence area who would be interested in joining such a project? It looks like we’re going to be a little short of my minimum group of 7 for a founding lodge…

  2. Yeah, I can see how weeknights aren’t going to work… it’s one of the things we’ll talk about in-person today with whoever shows up. As you know, I can be available reliably on my weeknights off-duty, but not on my weekends, because they wander all over the calendar each month. So we couldn’t say, easily, “the first Saturday of the month,” or the “second Sunday of the month.”

    But the group is welcome to continue this process sans me, and I’ll join up at a later date.

  3. I wish it would. But with Logan, and me having a full time job and only one vehicle now, weeknights just don’t work for us. We would be driving for 3 hours including both ways. Weekends are easier because we’re more likely to get a babysitter for that long.

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