WOW! I’m busy…

So it’s been a crazy week. Faculty orientation followed by proctor-training weekend followed by Opening Day followed by the first day of school followed by (today) the second day of school.

To do:
sports: outdoor education

  • reserve state park campsite for campout for next weekend
  • find sleeping bags for 20+ more kids than last year
  • find tents, stoves, etc., for 20+ more kids than last year
  • plan food for 20+ more kids
  • buy food
  • pack food
  • use backpacks to get it to campsite
  • Run camp-out
  • Anyone know where I can get $5000 of camping equipment for $300?


  • get docs back
  • revise them
  • re-revise them
  • assemble class list


  • plan
  • teach
  • Include new class management strategies
  • include new teaching strategies
  • design new 7th grade leadership curriculum
  • safety inspection for Ropes Course
  • accreditation/certification for MK, AW, CE, KK, PMC
  • new challenge elements for Ropes Course

    March Learning

  • Reserve hotel room
  • Contact Senator Dodd’s office re: capitol, BEP, LoC, etc.
  • Reservations at restaurants
  • At least I have a colleague…
  • cut to 10 kids for max. effectiveness on trip


  • I brought this one on myself: I made a little podcast titled, “how to use your locker” and now many colleagues think I should do more, on our assignment notebooks, book bags, etc.
  • … but they take TIME.
  • Plus, I’d like to start up my Ancient History Podcast again


  • clean-up
  • dormitory procedures
  • calmness (this is going to take a while with this group)


  • buy toothpaste
  • do laundry
  • Catch up on sleep
  • walk Clio (daily)

    It’s a lot of little tasks, but they all need to be done. And many of them need to be done today in an hour-and-a-half window during the morning’s assessment session for all students. OK. Time to get going.

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    1. Can you rent equipment from REI?

      Did you recommend The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures to me? If so, thanks. If not, it dovetails with a lot of things you’ve posted about recently. I’ve only started reading it. The “Lost Chapter” looks to be a concise summary of the book, and maybe useful for explaining visual thinking to students. A lot of the rest summarizes research about how yes, indeed, we think visually.

    2. I recommend adding another set of tasks: Breathe in, Breathe out, Repeat. I know it’s a lot in a busy day but, y’know, might not be a bad idea now and again!

      As a faculty brat, I honor what you do and send what supportive energy I can until routine sets in! Blessings Andrew *hug*

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