Learning & Brain: Deeper Learning

LeeAnn Nickelsen, Ed.M.


  1. Eric JensenTeaching with the Brain in Mind
  2. David A. Sousa – How the Brain Learns

(Talks VERY fast)

    Activate students’ prior knowledge

    • Super Sleuth (9×9 box, with a question in each box, walk around and ask the questions of classmates, and get them to answer those questions… once you get someone to answer them, they sign your box. You can only get one question signed off from any one person. Faculty mixer idea…)
    • Priming (put up posters in classroom with words or ideas you want to discuss in class, a week before you plan on discussing them. Put the concepts into the unconscious framework of kids prior to the lesson.
    • Anticipation Guides – create a list of questions or statements, and ask kids to agree or disagree with them before the study period, and then ask them to respond to those statements AFTER the learning process.
  1. Top ways to motivate students

    • Facilitate confidence through settin/achieving/accomplishing meaningful & doable goals
    • Give immediate positive feedback
    • Believe in students’ ability to succeed
    • Create environment of respect
    • Empower students while challenging them
    • Create trust
    • Catch them making good choices
  2. Goal setting – set a behavioral goal or an academic goal every month
  3. Preassessment
      We pre-assess

    • How they learn best
    • Interests
    • readiness
      Teaching Styles

    • We tend to teach according to how we best learn
    • Most people don’t use sight, hearing and touch equally during learning (46% are visual, 19% of people are auditory learners, 35% are kinesthetic learners.
    • Think V-A-K for every lesson. A visual, auditory and kinesthetic component in every day.
        Characteristics of VAK learners
      Learning Styles

    • Musical
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic
    • Visual
    • Interpersonal
    • Intrapersonal
    • naturalist
    • Logical/mathematical
    • verbal-linguistic
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