Ritual 2.0: Lodgework?

Update:August 8, 2008 I’ve shifted this entry from my “Ritual” locked group to a new group, titled “Lodgework”, on the theory that having a different space for us to talk about this material was fairly important.

I was so intrigued by J.M. Greer’s book on magical lodge work that I reviewed in my last locked entry, that I grabbed my copy of Israel Regardie’s Golden Dawn off the Finis Africae shelf, and heavily skimmed it this afternoon and evening. In between, I developed some material toward a lodge-style ceremonial magic system based on some of the priesthoods of the Roman republic. So far I’ve got a sense of who the officers are and what they do; the lodge’s layout, and process for opening the outer lodge for basic business (though not initiations).

Part of me wants to scramble through writing the whole thing, and then find some people to practice it with me and work out the kinks in it, try it a few more times, and then perform the operations. Another part of me wants to be in a lodge like the Freemasons or something similar, and see if the process is at all like what I imagine. The cautious part of me wants to hang back and wait, because it’s not OK to develop a whole magical system based on a reading of a book about another kind of magical process to which you yourself don’t have formal access.

On the other hand, part of me is thinking, “what if this was the ordinary?” because I wrote all those poems about the sun and moon and earth, and I could use those as the material that forms the basis of the changing rituals each month, while using the lodge-based material as the framework for presenting the stuff that changes month to month. Hmmm.

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  1. Well, yes and no. Eventually (several generations at least of initiations), a whole culture or civilization’s egregor becomes strong enough that the egregor is in fact riding the mortal officiant who is externally imposing the pattern on the candidate. Of course, the candidate has grown up in that culture long enough to accept the initiation as it is given. So it’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem.

    On the other hand, our initiations, in the event that we do this lodge work, will be our own internal process rather than the fitness of the officiator (since at least a few of us will be initiated by the uninitiated. :-))

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