It was a day

Late this afternoon, I got a call from the Sleep Center at the local hospital. I’ve been trying to schedule a sleep study with them, although I’ve not been trying very hard. It turned out they’d had a cancellation for tonight, and could I come in? As it so happened, I could, and so we set it up that I’d come in to fill out the routine paperwork at 7:30, and come up to the sleep center about 8.

I sat down to fill out paperwork at 7:15pm, and then my receptionist informed me that the computer listed my health insurance as one company, while I’d handed her an insurance card from a different company. This is known as an oopsie in medical-insurance parlance, because someone had checked with the wrong insurance company about my eligibility for insurance on this particular study. Since they didn’t have proof that I’d been pre-certified by the right insurance company for a sleep study, I could have wound up eating part or all of the $1500-$2500 cost of doing the study. Ooops.

The desk clerk recommended re-scheduling and giving the Sleep Center the necessary time to re-pre-certify my insurance, with the right insurance company this time. Of course, all of this took a lot longer to work out than I’ve presented here, with the result that I left the hospital about 8:45pm, without having had a sleep study. Ooopsie.

The rest of the day was OK. I went to Dave’s — I mean Victoria Station Café — for a bite to eat, and took Clio for a walk, etc. I met BL for lunch, and we talked about proctor weekend, and training our new ninth graders. There’s a wrinkle about what to teach them about teamwork and leadership this fall, because of course all the kids have already used our ropes course so many times they’re brain-dead to most of the lessons it could still teach them. Camp Woodstock can’t have us come without a facilitator, and of course we don’t have MR or RR on staff anymore. So we need to find a different challenge course to use. JNW? I’ll ask B.S.

A few months back, I ordered a book from Brahms Bookworks and it arrived a couple of weeks ago. It took me a while to think about how to use it, but I bought it to put the sun, moon and stars sonnets into… turns out they’re only going to occupy about a quarter of the book, maybe. And now there’s what to do with the rest of it? It bears thinking on. Anyway, I wound up printing and illuminating the first five or six pages of sonnets and odes, and placed them in the book to see how it felt. They work OK, but I have a feeling that by the time the last pages are ‘done’, I’m going to want to re-do the first pages, and start all over again.

Talked briefly with A.S., my potter friend from Japan. He’s in the US, and he’ll be co-teaching with me at NENTS next week, where we’ll be teaching middle schoolers about the process for designing lessons and assessing the results in students. It should be interesting. We’ll also go for a kayaking trip in the morning, probably in West Thompson Lake or Quaddick Pond.

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