Chapbook[S]!: Earth Meeting Sky AND a book of the Moon

It gets better! No only do you get a chance to buy Earth Meeting Sky hot off the copiers tomorrow, but you’ll also have a chance to buy A Book of the Moon, a collection of the first two years of moon sonnets from the epic Book of Feasts cycle that I’ve been working on, on and off, for the last three years of first-drafting, and four years of editing!

Plus, you’ll also have a chance to purchase nearly the entire Andrew Watt oeuvre, in the form of the verse-play Argonautica, the original collection of sonnets Fame’s Younger Sister, and the Percival canto of the Arthurian epic.

I may even (as a rare treat), have a chapbook of the more or less complete manuscript of Death of Atlantis if your insomnia is really bad.

Come to FLOOD STAGE tonight, at Victoria Station Café in Putnam, CT, and I hope to see you in Providence, RI tomorrow for Got Poetry Live at Reflections Café on Wickenden Street!

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