Update: Muscular, not Kidney

Well the pain in my lower left back appears to be muscular and not kidney-related. It still hurts, but it’s now positional rather than continual. This is good, and beats being in a CAT scan machine for an afternoon. That would be uncomfortable, and there’s the yowling cats to contend with as well.

I’m pretty much utterly useless for anything else, though, at least for the moment. I was going to go work on accreditation over at school, but I can’t sit for very long. Standing and lying down work, and given how deep in sleep-debt I am these days, I’m tempted to snooze the afternoon away. Part of me hates being unproductive, but part of me knows I need to do some catching up on rest before it catches up with me.

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  1. I keep trying to tell my 4-weeks-post-knee-surgery mother that healing through rest does not equal unproductive. It is perhaps not what your conscious self would prefer, but it is important and very productive.
    Maybe setting yourself a dream/sleep intention before you snooze might help your brain accomplish sneaky things in your sleep?
    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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