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As some of you may know, received the Munay-Ki Rites from her teacher T., and now is passing them on to others. She had a 12 or 16 page handout that she used to give people to whom she gave the rites, but wanted something a little better arranged and organized than the stuff she’d copy-pasted from the Munay-Ki website. She didn’t want the text to change; she just wanted it to look better on the page and be a little more organized.

Enter iWork and Pages from Apple. I imported the text from her original MS Word document, and used one of Pages’ basic templates. In a couple of hours I added typefaces that made the text work, put in a couple of tables of correspondences for the archetypes, the chakras and directions, and added subheadings so that it was easier to navigate through the document. Now the thing will print on five 11×14″ sheets of paper, giving you a 20-page booklet with several major headings, organized sub-headings, and a readable typeface. She said it looks great, and I’m feeling like I should do a victory lap today. Awesome. It’s nice to have a success with this sort of thing from time to time.

Apple has re-issued the books I had made for my Dad. Not all the captions turned out as successfully as I wanted, but it was hard getting information from him one week, and then trying to write the book three weeks later. I recommend doing everything in one go. Apple originally lost the books (or FedEx did), but after some negotiation re-issued the books and reversed the shipping charges.

My school’s technology director has found a new job at a nearby school. I wish him well, and success and all, but I wonder how things will turn out here with him gone. If anyone knows of someone who would like to work in academic technology, send in your resume or leave me a comment and I’ll e-mail you the address and names of the contact people. We’re about forty-five minutes south of Worcester, and 40 minutes from Providence. I must admit that I don’t actually know if they’re going to keep the position, and there’s a job to fill. Here’s hoping.

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  1. I got to look even more closely. It is much better than what I could have produced.
    Thank you. No corrections or change needed.
    Love you

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