Philosophic Terraforming

My friend wrote in this post about two terraforming factions, the Drys and the Wets. I’ve sort of expanded his system.

The Drys believe in terraforming planets without atmospheres, like Mercury.
The Wets believe in terraforming planets with atmospheres, like Venus, Earth, and Mars.

The Hards believe in using machines and technology to create human environments.
The Softs believe in using genetic modification to create human environments, or to alter human physiology to live in another environment.

The Colds believe in creating human settlements on asteroids, planetoids and other marginal zones, with many small-to-medium settlements, but few large city-sized settlements.
The Hots believe in settling planets and moons large enough to support large settlements.

So the Hot Soft Wetsare the terraformers most interested in creating an Earthlike environment on a planet. And the Cold Hard Drys are interested in carving up the inside of an asteroid to build generation ships to travel between star systems. The Soft Cold Wets, on the other hand, would carve out the inside of an asteroid and then install huge transparent-aluminum windows to capture sunlight for a green interior with a complete ecosystem. The Hot Hard Wets like planets such as Venus, with lots of landmass on which to build machine cities for mining planet and poisonous atmosphere alike. The Hot Soft Wets would prefer to engineer life-forms to eat the atmosphere of Venus to the point where genetically-engineered humans could breathe that same atmosphere.

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  1. Meanwhile, the Goldilocks just bum around until they find another Earth-like planet that requires no terraforming and just live on that.

    Earth-like planets sporting incredibly dangerous or sentient life (known as Bears) may drive the Goldilocks off depending on their threat level (designated Pappa, Mamma, or Baby) and/or their population value (designated One, Two, or Three).

    “This world is Just Right!”

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