Spellbook: The Book of Changes

Title: The Book of Changes
Physical Description: The Book of Changes is a collection of parchment sheets stitched together into a continuous panel, which is then folded accordion-style into a long, fold-out book. Pages can be laid flat a pair at a time, or multiple pages can be spread out, or the entire book can be laid out. When fully open as a single panel, the book is 14 feet long and ten inches high. Spells are inscribed on both the front and the back sides of the book. The book is written largely in blue and brown ink, but a continuous story scrolls in many colors along the bottom edge of the book, on both the front and back sides. It tells the tale of a wizard of unknown name, gradually progressing through many adventures and much research, learning to cast the spells in the Book of Changes, and becoming older and wiser as he gains knowledge. The last panel of the story shows the old master taking on a new apprentice — the same figure as on the front side.
History: The Book of Changes is a collection of older spells formerly handed down orally between master and apprentice at the higher levels of training. These are northern spells for the most part, designed to improve the power and strength of the caster and defend her from harm, rather than the mighty outward and visible signs of the wizard’s capabilities. The magical circle spells were added by a later author, but it remains a potent collection of spells. There are no known incomplete copies of the Book of Changes, but there are 26 known complete versions of it.
Value: 5000 gp
# of Pages: 100
#of Spells: 39 (4 1st level, 14 2nd level, 16 3rd level, 5 4th level)
Spell List:
1st Level Spells (4 pages) 4 spells
Protection from Good, Protection from Law, Identify, True Strike
2nd Level Spells (28 pages) 14 spells
Hypnotic Pattern, Invisibility, Leomund’s Trap, Misdirection, Blindness, Deafness, Ghoul Touch, Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendor, Fox’s Cunning, Knock, Owl’s Wisdom, Pyrotechnics
3rd Level Spells (48 pages) 16 spells
Explosive Runes, Magic Circle against Chaos, Magic Circle against Evil, Magic Circle against Law, Magic Circle against Good, Non Detection, Protection from Energy (acid), Protection from Energy (cold), Protection from Energy (fire), Protection from Energy (electricity), Protection from Energy (sonic), Sepia Snake Sigil, Sleet Storm, Stinking Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Halt Undead
4th Level Spells (20 pages) 5 Spells

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