Freelancing and earnings

I’m working on a freelance gaming project, which is not usual for this time of year. Normally I reserve such work for the summer when I have time. But this was a 5,000 word project, and I figured I could do it. Plus, it was outside my usual set of themes, and I figured this was a chance to try my hand at something new.

Even so, I dreaded starting it for the longest time. Then I had some technical difficulties, and once I was ready to start it, I couldn’t. There were also work-related difficulties, plus a trip to Washington, DC, and what with one thing and another the project got pushed back, basically until the deadline loomed large on the calendar. I wasn’t able to do a rough outline until Tuesday.

Then the thing wrote itself. I filled in my outline on Friday afternoon. I sat down today in three separate sessions, and churned out 3,800 words. I’m going to be able to stride through the last 1,200 tomorrow morning, do some polishing in the afternoon and evening, and turn the whole thing in, first instant Monday. I like it when a plan comes together. I even had time to go get a cup of coffee and do some errands this afternoon.

Clio has been alternately a pain and very patient through this process. She got a shortened walk at 5:15 this morning, and then another around 11:00 am, and another around 5:15pm. There was a longer walk about 8:30, after I had gymnasium duty for school, as well. On all of her walks she has been tremendously excited, and everything she smells or sees calls for unbelievable exuberance. Once back in the house, she collapses in a heap and drops promptly into a nap. I should be so lucky.

My experiments with the INVESTools methodologies continued to work well through Friday. I’ve made about $600 in paper-trading, which is a simulated stock market based on the actual stock market’s numbers, and I’ve made about $150 in (more conservative) real-money trades. It is currently highly time-intensive, because I’m double- and triple-checking my calculations, and hesitating a lot. But I can see how the process could become highly streamlined and efficient once I understand what I’m looking at and how to read the graphs intuitively.

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