Back from DC

Back from DC.

Every year, I run a four-day trip for my school to our nation’s capital. We visit the US Capitol (on the Senate side, thanks to Chris Dodd’s office), tour the Library of Congress, saunter by the White House and try to spot the snipers on the roof, visit the monuments, and try to find our way around the Smithsonian Institution. Good times.

Usually. This time, there were two big wrinkles in my travel plans. First, I was in charge of the money. This is not something that I normally do, and since the accounting standards for these trips are much higher than normal, I had to be a) worried about mis-tracking a penny, and b) losing $500.00 Neither of these things is very good at all. I think I did OK, but I lost one receipt when my bag got unzipped at the Vietnam Memorial.

The second wrinkle is that we did not have an awesome group. A tour of our nation’s capital works best if the kids are motivated and interested. It is less successful in a group that cares not a whit for politics or governmental issues, cares about no laws, and doesn’t really have much interest in history. However, they repeatedly called the the Washington Monument “The Pencil”, and the Lincoln Memorial was “The Eraser”. If one or the other wasn’t in sight, they would call out to each other and say, “hey, where’s the Eraser?” while we walked down the street. So, not ideal.

We had a visit with the director of the Smithsonian Libraries. She was interesting, but not dynamic. Of a piece with my earlier comments about museums vs. schools, actually.

Clio spent the week in a kennel. She came back much more relaxed and happy as a result of social time with other dogs, but she was still glad to see me.

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