I’ve not talked about this much — at all, really — but Dad is making landfall, yesterday, today or tomorrow, in Antarctica. He flew down to Argentina on the 14th of February, and then boarded ship to sail down the coast to some tiny town at the south tip of South America. I got a call from there about six days ago. A few days ago, I got a second call from him, because a comsat was overhead, and he could call out. They were 80 miles or so north of the Antarctic Circle, and Dad was expecting to cross it that day. He and his five pals then were traveling to the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula, and were expected there today. They’ll stay for a few days, photographing penguins, rocks and ice, and then they’ll start the arduous trek back north. Dad and his friends were not expecting to be able to go to the South Pole at all. Apparently that requires military clearance to get on one of the supply planes. That said, if anyone can talk his way onto a supply plane bound for the South Pole, it’s probably my Dad.

I never thought I’d write South Pole and Dad in the same sentence. It’s hard enough writing Antarctica and Dad in the same sentence. I hope he comes home OK. He’s due back on March 10, but I’m worried for him. Please keep him in your thoughts. His name is William.

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  1. Mostly for adventure, partly to see what the business future might be if Antarctica is really at melting risk.

    I think there is a base at the S.P., but there are no civilian facilities and military planes are the only way to get there. So you need to be on the transit list to get to the pole.

    That said, the latest news is that he’s back in southern Argentina, and he didn’t make it to the pole. He even decided not to try, actually. It was apparently cold enough without going all the way south.

  2. so, okay, your dad’s in Antarctica. . . .

    . . . why?

    Just for adventure? Some specific goal?

    Any idea about the S. Pole military connection? Is it just that they have bases there and no civilian accommodations, or is it just that the mil planes are the only way to get there (without walking…) and as such, one needs clearance simpily for the vehicles?

  3. There is a movie in that factoid, really. Happy Feet and March of the penguins told only half the story…

    Attack of the penguin swarm!

    Coming soon to a DVD player near you!

  4. You are now the second person who I know whose father has visited Antartica, both whom I have met around the time I was working on Scion:Demigod (but neither who I specifically was seeking out for their Southern Continent ties).

    That’s just… weird.

    Good thoughts for a fantastic trip for your father and I hope he’s able to sweet talk his way all the way to the Pole. 🙂

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