Some Days…

During yesterday’s snow day, I had to keep Clio on a short leash. Every time I let her off leash to go romp in the snow, she either nipped at someone’s hand, or knocked someone down, or destroyed something. She knocked down a colleague’s tiny daughter 30 sec. after going off-leash the first time, and then wound up nipping three people’s hands the second time. The third time, she found a big inner-tube sled, and punctured it in five or six places in a minute. I finally decided it just wasn’t safe to other people to let her be off-leash at all. When I let her off-leash late last night, when no one was around, she found a plastic bag with my neighbor’s children’s diapers, and proceeded to destroy that to get at the poop inside. And inside, when off-leash, she found one of ‘s black slippers, and chewed it to pieces in about 10 minutes. She really doesn’t spend enough time out of her crate, or in company with other dogs or people, and so she has no idea how to behave.

And yes, she’s still peeing. Just now, after getting back from a difficult walk through snow and ice, she came upstairs and sat for me, so that I could pet her for a bit. And she unleashed, while actively sitting, a stream of pee large enough that it would take 2 CD cases to cover the mess. This is not a small amount of submissive urination. This is big amounts of uncontrolled pee. Not really sure what to do about it, though. I don’t really want to get rid of her, but at the same time I feel like this is a bigger physical problem than I know how to handle.

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