Because I am a moron and for a host of other reasons, I agreed to work on a writing project this winter as a freelance author. I’m way over-scheduled at work, and I need to write 10,000 words for someone else’s project like I need a hole in my head or a Greek chorus singing backup (Since Greek choruses usually sing backup in tragedies, you may be able to guess how this turns out).

That said, I’m really liking this new project. Usually I have to read copious source material first in order to get a handle on the stuff I’m writing. Once I’ve read that, I have to let it germinate and process for one to two weeks before I get a sense of what to write. And then, once I’ve let things germinate, I have to actually sit at my desk and slog through the actual writing process, which is by no means easy all the time when you’re dealing with something that three other people or more have already had a hand in producing.

Not so this time. I read all the source material and felt that I grokked it almost immediately. There were twenty pages or so, which went easily, and I did some double-checking against some other sources (which, while not easy, was productive). All of that took the late afternoon and early evening. Then I sat down with my computer, and produced the first outline of the section I’m writing, and the first 22% of the text. Usually this part alone is 4-5 days writing; as of today, it’s done.

So that’s going well. I think I can get another 2000 words done tomorrow, and if I can squeeze out a similar amount on each of the two days of the weekend, I’ll likely be finished even before my contract gets here. Progress!

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