Happy Thanksgiving, all. It’s been a long but lovely day. I started at about 4am when Clio awoke needing a bathroom break. We went out briefly, then I went back to bed for another 45 minutes before we went for a longer walk. About 7:30 am I left for my aunt and uncle’s, for feasting about noon. Traffic was non-existent, so I stopped for coffee at my favorite coffee house in Providence — which was not open. I also tried to go to an art store there, which was not open either. Once back on the highway, I reached the family homestead at about 10:30 am. My cousin and I took our dogs for a long walk, and returned in time for dinner at 1pm.

A lovely meal followed: turkey, creamed onions, mashed red potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce (2 kinds!), brussels sprouts. No bread, unfortunately. I didn’t get my act together yet for that. After dinner, we played with the dogs a little, and then took naps. Gods, I’ve missed naps.

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