Fencing Practice

Yesterday afternoon went something like this. I went to a meeting after lunch. Then I raced home, changed into fencing jacket and coach’s plastron, and went to fencing practice. All eight fencers showed up on time (one switched to hockey), and then we went for a run. After the run, we did some stretching exercises, and then did about 20 minutes of footwork exercises. I sat the team down, explained my expectations for the team, and heard out their questions. Then I dismissed the JV team, and the varsity squad came in, plus two kids trying out (both ninth graders).

We went for a run. Gods, but I’m out of shape. The second run was quite wearying. We did another round of stretching exercises. Brian, my co-coach, left. We did a round of advance and retreat exercises, and then went through the 4.5 kinds of lunges (regular lunge, explosive lunge, hanging lunge, lunge with a foot in the air, stop thrust). I sat the team down, explained my expectations, and heard their questions. There were a lot more comments from the gallery this time. We did one more set of lunges, and then I dismissed the team.

After leaving practice, I went up to my classroom to grab a couple of things, and started to walk home. One of my colleagues came out and explained matters to me regarding a student on my dorm. We had a short but difficult conversation, in which I expressed my concerns, he expressed his, and we came to an understanding. He asked for something, and I gave it to him.

Of all the different parts of the day… the conversation at the end was probably the hardest.

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