I’ve not posted to my journal in forever + 1, aside from an occasional moon-sonnet. So this ought to be good.

Hi, everybody! Let’s see… school started on Sept 10. It’s been a month, and I feel like the flood has utterly overwhelmed me. I’ve been ear-deep most of the time since then. The military speaks about “Military Operations Other than War”, and I’ve been doing “scholastic occupations other than academics”. I’m doing a whole bunch of different things — including our school’s new leadership program, running a dormitory, the chapel program, and outdoor education — that aren’t about assigning grades or giving tests. I’m doing some of that, too, but not much.

We celebrated Lovelipss birthday at the end of September, along with my big conference for CAIS. It went ok, but it was still busy-busy-busy for the first month of school. I seem to be St. Andrew the perpetually on-duty. Even when I’m off I seem to be on, as I am this weekend post-Parents’ Weekend. Oh, well.

Other than that, things are basically good. I haven’t been to a poetry reading since August, I think, and I miss them. I’ve not been writing or reading much because Clio’s been keeping me on the run. She’s wonderful to have in my life, but exhausting. Today we went for an hour-and-a-half walk, and she needed it. She’s largely been cooped up in her crate since Wednesday as I got ready for parents’ weekend; when she wasn’t in her crate, she was standing more-or-less still while I did or worked on something else. And that’s no good.

I owe phone calls to a bunch of people (including dad; it’s his birthday today), and I’ll get to them, but first I need some water and a nap.

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