Clio, wetter

Clio, wetter
Originally uploaded by anselm23.

This is Clio on the Slocum River in south Dartmouth, MA, about a week ago. She fell out of the boat and became extremely wet a few days later, but I didn’t have photos of that dunking. Here, she’s wet because she put her face in the water.

I’m trying to figure out if she likes being wet or if she likes being dry. So far, it seems she prefers dryness to wetness, which is unusual in a Labrador. It’s like loyalty in a droid, I guess.

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  1. Re: She is, at that…


    This is the great thing about dogs – they will say that, but once you give them attention they immediately forgive you.

    As long as you keep paying attention.

  2. So darn cute. Disney use dto look at dogs she saw playing in the water like “Are you mad? Getting wet on purpose?” That was until one time she saw the waves breaking on the beach of Lake Michigan and she attacked them.

  3. I must be tired! I read that as “she fell out of the boat a week ago, and a few days later got wet (from that fall)” Like it took a while for the wetness to catch up with her.
    Yes, definitely tired….

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