Clio in a Kayak

Today Clio came with me in the kayak for a 45 minute paddle upstream on the Slocum River in South Dartmouth, MA. She was very curious at first, and almost tipped over the kayak a couple of times. However she did settle down, and we had an uneventful hour and a half in the boat. Awesome.

She’s also learning — with the assistance and judicious feeding of raisins — to go up and down stairs. We had one frantic moment this morning when, while scratching her face, she knocked herself off the dock and onto the sand below. No apparent damage, and she’s feeling fine. She’s hot and not enjoying the sun too much; at the moment she’s curled up alongside her crate, resting against the wet towel we draped over her hidey-hole.

She is scratching her face and/or her collar a lot, and we’re not sure if she’s getting used to it, or frustrated that it’s there, or if she’s experiencing some sort of bug biting her there and making her miserable. Any thoughts?

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  1. You keep getting reminded that puppies are babies – they go full out, tucker themselves out, and come back to do it again after a nap.

    It’s great to see them learn, they can be so smart!

  2. Fleas love sand. She could have picked up some fleas, maybe? Get some Frontline or Advantage from your vet. It works really well.
    Congrats on your new puppy. She’s cute. Hope to meet her some time 🙂

  3. We are working on that. She’s starting to bound down stairs and leap some of them two at a time, which is cool.

    We did let her swim a bit, and I think we’ll do more of that tomorrow. Poor pup was absolutely exhausted this afternoon, though she’s probably rested enough for another walk before supper.

  4. she was pretty cool, we didn’t even have to teach her to swim, where there was water, there was a doggie paddle and then a nap of course.
    I am glad we have her.

  5. Stairs are hard to get down for doggies, it’s good that you’re working on that early.

    Did you let her swim a bit? Labs are water babies… 🙂

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