Sonnet for July New Moon

Hail, bright crescent, as wintergreen ripens,
changing pale white blooms for greener berries.
Daylily withers but aster opens;
puffball conceals what spring onion carries,
while galls appear on maple and alder.
Crabgrass and clover jostle with plantain,
while corvées of ants grow ever bolder,
gathering food for their secret mountain.
Orioles flash through dangling willows,
as goldfinches feast on first early seeds
and swallows sweep river for mosquitoes.
Robins and jays peck bugs among tall weeds.
Crickets rehears for an August chorale,
while fishers and badgers skulk on the prowl.

Long delay on this one, but I hope you all enjoy it. July Full Moon will appear shortly.

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