Letter to Joe Courtney, 2nd Congressional District of Connecticut

Dear Representative Joe Courtney,

It is time that the Bush Administration pay for gross miscarriages of justice.  I direct you, as my representative, to begin impeachment proceedings against Mr. Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of the United States.  

Mr. Gonzales has repeatedly and regularly defied Congress.  He has engaged in deliberate and calcuated efforts to mislead the American people on matters as diverse as the prosecution of alleged terrorists, the war in Iraq, and a domestic spying program.  He is likely to have played a role in today’s commutation of sentence for Mr. I. Lewis Libby, who helped expose the secret-intelligence networks we need in the war on terror to corruption and compromise.

Mr. Gonzales has also allowed the process of selection and appointment of U.S. Attorneys to be corrupted and compromised by political considerations rather than strict adherence to the law. 

Moreover, as a prominent member of the Bush Administration, he has participated in a series of actions which have compromised the integrity of the tripartite division of powers as set forth in the U.S. Constitution.  

On this Fourth of July, I urge you to stand up to the heinous actions of this presidential administration, and strike a blow for liberty.  Impeach Mr. Alberto Gonzales for crimes against the Constitution, and begin the process to remove him from office: as a signal to the White House, as a signal to the American People, that the flag, and the Republic for which it stands, still dispenses liberty and justice for all.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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  1. Commuted is what I meant tosay. At any rate, it has removed a powerful motivator for him to reveal the truth(s) about this mess. The only upside is that it may, over the long hall, implicate Bush in the on-going Obstruction of Justice investigation (I hope, I hope, I hope…)

  2. We can impeach Supreme Court justices. Or at least, Congress can. Still need 75 votes in the Senate, though.

    And we’ll never know if we can get 75 votes in the Senate to impeach Gonzales unless we try. Congress has to send some sort of serious message to the Bush administration that the next 18 months aren’t going to be a cakewalk.

    I don’t want Bush or Cheney impeached. I just want their officers and officials disgraced, so that when they come back in 4 or 8 years to serve in gov’t after the Democratic administration, no one in their right mind will let them serve.

  3. He’s not pardoned him, so much as commuted sentence. He’s still guilty — he just doesn’t have to serve any time in prison or be apart from his family or any of the hard stuff.

  4. This would be a complete replay of the Clinton impeachment. The House could get the articles passed no problem, but it will die in the Senate where 75 votes are needed and they’ll never get it. (though they might get more than half)

    Do you spend your time working on a measure that will completely fail? Or do you use it as free ammo next campaign season? Or do you try and get some pork rammed through for your district/state?

    Sadly, the answer is pretty clear.

    Now, if only we could impeach Supreme Court Justices…

  5. …and in the news today: Bush plans to (or already has) pardon Scooter Libby, thus removing all incentive for him to tell the truth in the on-going obstruction of justice case.

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