Poetry checklist…

My life was crazy in early May, and my organization system, while keeping my head above water, wasn’t letting me have much room for keeping track of old stuff that had fallen by the wayside. 

My poetry series for the moon, the sun and the days of the old Roman pagan calendar thus missed out on a few things.

So… To Do:

1. Sonnet for the evening of Beltane

2. Hymn for Pandrosos, the all-refreshing — October 18

3. Hymn for Aestas, Lord of Summer — June 27

4. Hymn for Furrina, Lady of Springs and Wells — July 25

5. Hymn for the Feast of Lights — September 14.

6-19. Sonnets for June-December, New and Full, 2007.

20. Hymn for Eris — May 23

Somehow I missed the two in May this year — I had them written down, but in the wrong place, and they didn’t get done.  Arrrgh and oh, well.  The two this summer should be relatively easy to knock down.   Ponderosas and Feast of Lights will be trickier, but I’ve got some notes on paper for those two.

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  1. you know, i’ve been getting more organized over the past few months too – and it’s been pretty effective, in terms of keeping track of thigns i have to do.

    i’ve been using “Tracks” – a web-based GTD written in Ruby on Rails. i have a copy running local on my laptop; it’s very useful! http://www.rousette.org.uk/projects/ if you want to try it but don’t want to install it yourself (which would involve running a webserver on your computer) let me know and i’ll install a copy for you on one of my domains.

    the thing is .. i still have problems actually DOING the work. sitting down and slogging through tasks. assuming the organization is there.. how do you solve the motivation challenge?

    you seem to have a great deal of “output”, between your teaching, poetry, game writing, etc. are you just naturally motivated, or are there good tricks you can pass on to keep the bus rolling productively?

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