Window view

Window view
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This is not my photo. It’s from the flickr blog of David Gray (Hi, Dave!) and it’s a street scene near his office.

The building on the far corner is beautiful. The arches on the corner, the two storefronts on the far left; the floor of alternating classical and moorish windows…. it has tremendous potential to be quite elegant.

But the street is too wide; there’s an impression of four lanes — two in each direction — when there isn’t a car in sight. And that means, you should replace part of the street with a green strip of trees, and a pathway for pedestrians or bicyclists. Because this corner could POP as a destination, only it can’t because there’s no place to sit or walk or talk, and the building is being gutted.

We’re going to need more walkable cities in the 21st century. May as well start on this intersection.

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