Organizing & Clean-up

Having a horrid time with writing these days, so I decided to take some serious time this evening, and do some clean-up.  It’s often the case that when I can’t write, it’s because my house is a mess.  So I cleaned it up.  I didn’t finish; my desk is still a bit out of sorts. But I got three bags of books over to school this weekend, and stored away in my bookshelf in my classroom. There they will be useful to students and not just to me.  probably I’ve set aside another two bags on the floor of my study, ready to go over.  Then there’s the fencing equipment, which is just about ready to go back over to school after several marathon repair sessions.  I still don’t know how to open and solder a lame alligator clip, though. That remains broken on at least a few body cords.

What else? D&D minis from the game on Sunday night got sorted into plastic bags.  All the little parts and pieces are now ready to go for the next game (whenever that might be).  I’m sort of dismayed by how many chaotic evil pieces I have.  It was also a little disturbing to have eleven cards for which I had no figure, and one figure for which I had no card.  Memory suggests, a little vaguely, that I might have given away the figures to persons who played in my D&D game a few years ago, but Thought isn’t sure.  The Throne will consider the question while continuing to organize the house.

In the meantime, three pernicious and persistent piles refuse, quite, to give way.  A stack of file folders, envelopes, and random business supplies in my office resists being shifted from their current shantytown to a more amenable home.  Another stack, by the door of the same room, has also appealed to a higher court to avoid eviction.  I have managed to oust several of their neighbors, now, and it’s only a matter of time…

Two boxes have presented themselves as willing and eager to do serious work.  One is a black file box, suitable for olive-green hanging folders.  I have no immediate need for it, but I think I will use it as a planning file for Outdoor Education at school.  The other is larger and more roomy.  It is being pressed into service today as the future organizer box for the school fencing program.  Both will shortly take up residence in a school office in the basement of the main house, where I expect them to do yeoman service.  About an hour ago, I dislodged some papers and miscellanea, and uncovered the aboriginal surface of my dresser.  A hasty clearing action was undertaken, and only two lessees retain residency at this time, both on small and compact zones of real estate.  The other bureau still maintains a vigorous defense of its ancestral rights.

Stairs, dorm-side bench, and bedside table remain unbruised. This time.

Filing must still be accomplished. Bookshelves are still too full.  Kitchen clean but disorganized.  Medicine cabinets plundered of much worthless detritus, but still drifting.    Progress has been made.

Organization proceeds.

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