Rising Phoenix Games

I will be signing Scion: Hero and anything else I had a hand I writing at Rising Phoenix Games on Sunday, April 29, from noon until 4m.

It may be that I’ll even try to run a demo. Swing on by the store, have a little fun, buy some games, and say “hi!”

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  1. Re: Co-location

    Plz send link. 🙂

    I’m still in Savannah, and I’ve dropped down here to play tonight. In the game universe, I’d play in one of the parks, because they’re awesome. But this coffee shop is pretty cool, too.

    Looking forward to being back home, as lovely the weather and the company here is.

    What a tortured sentence. Must be all the sun getting to me.

  2. Co-location

    THere’s a spell in the old Mage: THe Awakening game that allowed you to co-locate… why don’t you just try that?

    To give you an idea about what your life might be like as a Mage in that game, though, you should see the film short Spin, with the DJ who drops out of the sky with his turntables in order to change the past, present and future.

    if you haven’t seen it, let me know and I’ll find a link for you.

  3. Grrr….I can’t be in two places at once! Feast or famine, with me. I’m either bored (or making myself busy with that pesky “stuff” I have to do at home), or I have two things to do at once – like be in Savannah and go see you do this book signing.

    Have a great signing, wish I could be there!

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