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I’ve posted a bunch of photos (50+) over at

Go have a look. You know you want to.

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  1. Beautiful Bird is just about perfect raw shot… rule of 3…. whoch mst of them lacked…. the photo should be slpit into three and never dead center…..

    But it is easier to critisize than do.

    Now the hibiscus is dead center…. and looks dull…. that’s why I mentioned photoshop…. which works fine on macs…msot prefer it so… but I don’t have a mac. because with it I would crop it so it was wither the whole photo little to no green… or make it so close that the part sticking out in the middle … I can’t think if the name so much now sorry.. would be the main focus of the 3 rule.

    the huron as it is I would blure the background… because there are too many human things there…

    Now just shooting it… I might have taken a step one way or another so the background was more the bush…

    I had been doing 35 since I was 19… started dig 4 years ago… and photoshop is my friend… I did a lot of years right out of the camera… sometimes out f stops are of etc… we can fix it later now…. and sometimes fixing it later you learn more about how to take it the first time…. because you are studing it more… so than the first time you study it more.

    and to be fair… as I am not perfect…

    these are my photos….

    it’s a good site to learn from… more learnig how to edit well… taught me a lot when I started learning photoshop… always learning photoshop…

    damnI haven’t talked photos.,.. real talk, since before my mother died…. haven’t picked up my camera this year yet… and 1/4 of it is gone already.

  2. I don’t have photoshop, and I’m not doing much cropping. Yet.

    I feel like I need more practice at the raw photography part of it, and then I can come back and work on the photoshopping. or maybe Aperture, which is the Mac photography management software. Hmm.

    Any recommendations on the hibiscus, or the heron?

  3. you have some nice shots….

    some spataculare ones if you did some croping and twiqking in photoshop….

    that is a complement… not a put down BTW. Sometines it is hard to tell when writing. SO I wanted to clairify.

    I like the huron shots.

    The habiscus really would do well with a good crop and tweek.

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