I went up to New Hampshire yesterday for the funeral/memorial service of ‘s father. It was a nice ceremony. did a lovely eulogy for her father, which helped reset some of her thinking about him over the last years and began to tell a new story about him. It was lovely to see that process in action, given all the hard work she’s done to make peace with him over the years.

    Thursday after I got home from cleaning up from the cancelled fencing match, I climbed onto the couch and fell asleep. had come to be one of the directors, and I felt bad about sending him home without ref’ing a match, but he was OK with it, given the snow. I was exhausted. In fact, I’ve been exhausted most evenings this week. I’ve come home from work and crashed on the couch pretty thoroughly. Last night was no exception. I slept on the couch from around 6:30 until 8:00pm, and then again from 8:30 or 8:45pm until almost midnight. And then I slept like a rock from midnight until 6:00am this morning.

    Got up this morning, put a load of laundry in the washing machine, and then sat down to write a half-dozen comments. Finished writing all my teacher comments, and then edited a few more. That task is out of the way for at least a few days, anyway. Now I get to write exams.

    I’m in charge of the ski program today, money and season passes and all. It’s not a bad duty: ride up on the bus, keep the kids in line, give them their lunch money and passes, and then ride home again at 4:00. I’ve also got church duty, but I don’t think I’m preaching today — double-checking, I’m not. Halelujiah!

    Hey, ! What are the chances I can bring 15 kids to your museum on Tuesday?

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