Hymn for Persephone

Hymn for Persephone
November 25

Hail, Persephone, white-armed queen of death,
ruling seeds in black earth and ghosts from grave.
Your plants and mushrooms chill blood and halt breath.
None can deny you, no matter how brave.
In Arcady you roamed, picking flowers
while you were a maiden, blushing and fair,
’til Hades seized and carried you away.
Mother Demeter foreswore her powers
until you climbed up that steep curving stair
and danced again in the broad light of day.

Yet none quite escape the realm of the dead,
and you found in Hades a kindred heart.
You took his ring, and ate of his bread,
aand tormented dead heroes for your sport.
You put foot-falls in Orpheus’s ear,
invited Theseus to take a seat,
and gave Sisyphus an engineer’s task.
You are the garrote to Hades’ sharp spear:
a slow, choking death, or cankers that eat
so slow, they leave only a husk or a mask.

Frightful Persephone, stay at arm’s reach;
slow-dance with your husband, and not with us.
We long for some lessons you have to teach,
yet hold back from the fullest, hardest press.
Save some of your teachings for other days,
and show us, rather, your gentler side,
that quickens egg and shoot, and prepares the seed.
Guide restless ghosts to rebirth in new clays;
send heroes to walk in our world so wide,
and help us live, ere your call we must heed.

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  1. Re: all Hail Discordia!

    I’ve always been drawn to things lunar. 🙂

    (nice catch on Eris, of course you’d catch that. 🙂

    I did do a mix called “Eris, Aphrodite and Athena” about a breakup and the healing process. Yeah, all that in a 60+ minute mix. I think it works, anyway. 🙂

  2. all Hail Discordia!

    I need to do an Eris poem, if only so she’s not the only goddess not invited to the party. I’ll have to figure out the date…

    Oh, wait. I know.

    April 23. How could I have forgotten??

    I was going through my “Overall File” of these poems today. I have fourteen (including “hail Eris”) poems in this cycle left to do. It’s over eighty pages of text now.

    I was debating whether to do another cycle of solar sonnets, but I think not. I think I will do a third cycle of lunar sonnets, and maybe a fourth or even a fifth. They’re far more interesting than the solar sonnets, anyway.

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