[100 Days] T’C Day 3/Walk Day 2

Did my tai chi pretty slowly this morning, and managed to do the form in eleven minutes today. Had a couple of tricky balance things come up — don’t let the toes roll under during the kicks! Otherwise, pretty good.

Yesterday when I got up, I walked in the early dawn. Today I’ll be walking in mostly dark. The sun is not really up yet, and the moon is spectacular.

Update: Went for my run, down to maintenance and back. Ran all the way down, got back to the gym and had to slow to a walk. Not bad for that particular route. In keeping with ‘s reminder about the ‘fascia straightjacket’, I’ll be alternating between this run, and the circumnavigation of campus. In twenty days, I’m hoping, I’ll be able to do both in an easy run. So that’s what I’ll do. Every twenty days I’ll add a new route to my list, if I can. By the time fencing season starts, with any luck, i’ll be pacing most of my team. Or not. They are teenagers, after all, and getting plenty of exercise.

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