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The computer troubles I had last night translated into a loss of about 2,200 words… basically, everything that I hadn’t actually saved, but had trusted the Autosave function to take care of. This is both an irritation and a relief. I wasn’t quite happy with the way that writing had gone, but I’m too far below my own personal deadline to be bothered to fix.

So I got to fix it today.

I think I’ll hit or at least be close to 15,000 words at some point late this afternoon. I’m going over to see Leah tonight, but I said I wouldn’t stay over; I can usually do another hour or more of writing beyond when she needs to go to bed, and I wouldn’t mind hitting 16,000 or 17,000 words today so I can hit 20k tomorrow or early Friday and do some cleanup before submitting the text.

All of the easy parts of the text are done. The parts that were most familiar or the easiest to write are all done; the one that I thought was going to require the most research actually wound up taking the least amount of research. It’s the two major headings that are left which are both alien and for which there is the least amount of source material which are proving complicated, and which I’m going to have to write in the next two days.

Got some late nights of reading and writing ahead of me.

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  1. Thanks.

    Not interacting with the boards much, it’s hard to know how much I or my work are appreciated. Also, as a setting writer, and not an actual game mechanics designer, it’s difficult to know how much of what I write is actually used.

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