Sonnet for July New Moon

Sonnet for the July New Moon

Hail, bright Crescent, gliding past bent willows,
where oriole nests overhang slow streams.
Poor man’s pepper blooms in shady hollows;
buzzing bee has no time for lazy dreams
when you glide by, cloaked in storm and lightning,
as humid fog ascends from sweating lake.
Trout seeks oak’s shadow — far less sweltering
than open pond, where blue damselflies make
water and air… home. Egret plucks feather,
sets it to drifting where marshland begins,
and bends down to prey. Swift change in weather
draws eye to radiant fungus on limbs
of elms. Firefly strobes to twilight choirs
under a manifold Persian of stars.

Sorry for the long delay in getting this one published and out to you all. I’m working a lot this summer, and while it’s been very valuable from a spiritual and magical point of view, it’s been very hard to sit down with a notebook and get the poetry written, and then get it typed for you all to read.

Thank you for your continuing e-mails, letters and encouragement, as well.

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