Kalends of May Sonnet

Drizzle and thunderstorm meet at midday
to cleanse dusty earth and ionize air.
Husks of finished business are thrown away;
meadow knows the tread of a twilight hare.
Owl commands midnight; hawk rules over noon,
but grackle and blue jay have their hours.
Tree frog sings his lilting, familiar croon,
pausing and hiding at scattered showers.
Viper’s blugloss and arrow arum sway,
when Zephyr bristles tamarack and beech,
carrying mustard-whites their merry way.
Bumble bee touches on all blooms in reach.
Turkey vulture glides above his station,
in purest economy of motion.

Apologies for the delay in this one’s delivery. I’ve been up to my ears in the duties associated with the end of the school year, and then my mother went into the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. She is all right and recovering OK. I’ll be seeing her next week.

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