Changes in my schedule this year

Blessed are the Flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.

+ Outdoor Adventures Assistant Coach
– Co-period
– Rhetoric
– Faculty Development
– 7-2 History
+ 9-3 English (new class, new subject)
+ 7-4 English (new class, new subject)
– 7-4 English (late October)
+ 7-I English (late October, new class, new subject, new level, minimal guidance)
* Add 9-1 English, drop tutee [over parents’ objections] (proposed, not implemented)
+ JV Fencing: 3 days per week (December – March)
* Change day off from Thursdays to Mondays (winter term only, promise)
+ Co-Period: Rhetoric (Spring term)
+ Co-Period: Creative Writing (spring term)
– TW (co-coach Outdoor Adventures)
+ PR (co-coach Outdoor Adventures, even though we have same weekend off-duty)
+ FM (relief coach to cover on PR and my weekends off)
* (Mondays remain your day off for the spring)

+ 2 technology week-long technology presentations in assembly
+ 6 times preaching in Thursday chapel (2 per term)
+ 6 Sunday sermons (2 per term)

* 60% of Jewish Temple coverage
* 60% of Sunday morning Protestant services coverage

Remind me to take up Yoga this summer. Apparently I’m not flexible enough.

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