Tai Chi Day 135

Finally got a 20-minute tai chi music set together, more or less by typing random keywords I thought would be good into iTunes. The 20:47 set is OK, but one track has to go. So I did about a 16-minute set this morning. It felt good. One day a week I have to try to get in a 40-to-hour-long set, but I’m not sure how to do that yet.

I also did the form left-handed this morning as well as right handed, which added another 5-10 minutes. I fudged a few places, like Fair Lady Works Shuttle, but I got through it all. I want to keep on that. It definitely has a different feel to it.

Tonight I have one of my rare on-duty moments with the school on my evening off. I’m taking a few kids to a Pesach seder at the house of the head of the local synagogue. I like going, but I could have found something else to do with my time, maybe. (oh, like grades, for example, which are due tomorrow? When will I get to those? Maybe on the weekend…) Technically, I am not off-duty tonight, so I won’t complain. Most of the time, I get Thursdays off.

Second round Lexicon entries are due today. Get on it people, and write your A-B-C and D-E-F entries today!

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