Tai Chi Day 72

Running continues to go better than fencing or tai chi. I haven’t really had a good tai chi day in a week or more. It’s become a routine, sort of, except that I need more time doing the form carefully. Today my kicks were very good, but my balance in a few of the more routine places sucked. It’s exciting to think that I’ll finish my hundred days just before I go to Sicily on March 9.

I feel like my body is changing. For one, I haven’t been sick at all this winter. I think the combination of exercise daily, tai chi, and avoiding refined sugars has done me a world of good. I eat better, I feel better, I walk better, and I have more energy all around. Of course, the numbers don’t bear that out. I weigh just as much as when I went to see Dr. Bloom this summer. My waist size is the same. In some ways, I’m in the same boat I was a year ago. On the other hand, Lovelips’s room-mate saw me a week ago after not seeing me since Christmas – so, a month – and thought I’d lost a lot of weight. I haven’t necessarily lost a lot of weight. I’ve just put on muscle, I guess, and mostly in my legs.

The fencing room is way too crowded these days. We need a team the same size we have now, and twice the amount of space, in order to do anything. Oh, yeah, and three more fencing machines, minimum, would be good. I also need to get a couple of timers, and some tools, still. We need to run an “Equipment Repair” clinic before the end of the term. Some of the kids really need it. Yeah, and the need their own tools, too.

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