Tai Chi Day 59

Great gods. I’m sweating. A lot. It’s weird. I’m only sweating on my back, though, and under my arms, but not at all on my front or arms. All through the exercise my front felt cool and my back felt warm, even hot.

The form lasted a half-hour today. I didn’t make it last a half-hour; it lasted a half-hour. Each step, so. Each turn, so. Breath, here. Tan Tien showed up, said hi but he was only passing through. Sometimes I could feel meridiens; though that might be my imagination. It might all be my imagination, except that it’s after 5:30 and I started just after 5:00 am.

Lost my balance on Shoulder Strike. Shoulder Strike, of all things! How is that possible? The shift of my hand from shoulder across groin to hip actually threw me. Also lost my balance on Kick Right but not Kick Left. did a perfect half-turn, and later a successful full-turn.

In other news, found a block of time to correct some papers, and shuffle through some of the backlog. Also found a couple of nifty ways to use Pages, the software from Apple for word processing, to do some of the correcting; I made a couple of templates with two columns, one of which is for a student paper to be colorized, and the other is for my color-coded comments about the student paper. So the time-management thing is going OK, too.

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