Tai Chi Day 49

My Tan Tien found me this morning. I say found me because something shifted when I started breathing in Opening. It was like my lower body said, “Yo! We’re here!” My pelvis shifted, and I felt the Tan Tien take over the breathing. Ye gods. It’s like the difference between light and lightning. Body temperature rose, the postures became isometric, and my core moved when it was supposed to, how it was supposed to.

That lasted until about Box Ears with Fists. It was like my body said, “Ok, that’s enough of that for today. You haven’t had any of that in a long time, so you need to get used to it. But don’t worry. We’ll be back.”

Still had pain in my leg when I started tai chi this morning. Leg pain now? Gone. Totally gone. Hmm.

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