Running Update

Running did not go so well today. I did the run up to the stop sign easily enough, followed by the run to Mr. S’s place. But then came the longer stretch that I’d resolved to add today: down to maintenance and back. Down was no problem. That was downhill all the way, easy enough. By the time I got there, though, I was having pretty bad gut pains. So, I walked part of the way up the hill, followed by gut pain all the way. Started running again around Fisher, and then stopped around the gym. Started running again at the dining hall, in pain, and finished at the speed bump.

So… the addition of another leg to the run, may not have been so good. But if I can do that again on Saturday, and again on Sunday, even if I walk a lot of the way, means that when the kids come back to practice on Tuesday, I won’t be overwhelmed in agony by sitting and lazing around all of vacation.

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