Downtown Country Fair`

Between rushing out of church today, and getting stuck behind the slowest, pokiest hybrid vehicle imaginable, I arrived at the Downtown Country Fair at two minutes after 11, and missed my first stand-up-and-talk slot by wandering around, trying to get a sense of things. Spent a lot of the fair alternating between talking to people from the stage, and talking to people on the ground. It took me a while to get going, but I managed most of the day quite well. I kept introducing myself to people, and trying to get to know people, all day. I shook a lot of hands, gave speech-making advice to the Green Party candidate for First Selectman, lusted after a beautiful blue hemp shirt, an equally beautiful gray-blue hemp vest, a cast-iron sculpture of a heron, and generally lived it up in a state of elated semi-panic for most of the day. It was scary. It was glorious.

They’ve already asked me to do it again. Yikes. Whoopie!

It’s actually a pretty sweet setup. I got $10 in coupons for lunch or other goodies, and I’m going to get a discount at the co-op for a month or so. All for six hours of work, which is great.

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