Fencing meeting.

There’s a kid on my dorm with some scrolls of Chinese calligraphy on his walls. One says, he tells me, “one mote of your time is worth all the marble,” and this is apparently a way of saying that your time is more precious than gold.

I’m feeling this tonight. I was supposed to be on duty on dormitory — fifteen kids to look after, and all. And study hall to cover, too. Then I got notice that the association for high schools that covers fencing was meeting tonight. So I got coverage, and went. Now, I don’t wish to complain. These are very nice people, and they’re working hard for the good of the kids. Their kids This is the high school association, and what I learned, basically, is that while they’ll make some room in their schedules for a four-man team of freshmen, if it’s not too busy, and it doesn’t overly inconvenience them, they’ll allow me to drive an hour to an hour and a half to fence them. Mostly the meeting was a whole lot of business having to do with things that don’t concern me, won’t ever concern me, and which I have no business offering an opinion on, anyway.

Last year we got seventeen matches when I went to this gathering, and I picked a few more up over the course of the fall season. This year it became clear that our real future lies with the USFA. We need to get matches going with B’ville in RI, with Worcester, with BFC and other suchlike places, because CT will never really have a middle school fencing association unless I get one going.

I need to talk to DL down in Stonington, and see if he can press the issue with the connecticut schools

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