June Full Moon Sonnet

June Full Moon Sonnet

Sing, lady Moon, of sweat-sweltering days,
and chill nights that settle dew on each leaf.
Your fair light must cool us when the sun’s blaze
reddens our flesh and burns our skin to grief.
Sing of bats chittering as twilight nears,
clumsy bumble-bee gathering pollen,
and gardens where the first basil appears.
It seems every last flower has fallen;
only the tyranny of greenness shows.
Yet black thunderheads crowd the haze-softened hills.
Thorns remain, though white petals flee the rose.
Trout leaps up from river with heaving gills,
and turkey struts beside his favorite field,
both determined to strive and not to yield.

That’s half the Lunar Year Cycle finished. Of course, I’m also supposed to produce a Summer Greeting and a Solstice Hymn for today. Yikes! When did it get to be the Solstice already?

Argonautica: Jason at Colchis is finished and at a printer’s in Middletown. I called the place in Worcester I usually go, and asked if they could do it today; they could not. So, I took it to my old place in central CT, assuming that if they couldn’t get it done today, they could get it done by tomorrow around 4:30. I could then pick it up, sell a few copies to Klekolo to sell to the patrons who remember me, and then pick up for our drive down to my parents before going to SpiritFire on Wednesday morning after my doctor’s appointment. Sigh. Just thinking about all that makes me tired.

I’m still not packed for SpiritFire. The laundry isn’t done or folded; I’ve been occupied with getting the play written.

I also got five copies made, so I also have back-up emergency copies in the event of a power outage or an equipment failure at the printer’s, and we can perform the play no problem. I need to sell 33 copies at $10 each to break even on this project, and I haven’t even done a thorough-going edit on the text, first. It’s pretty good as is, and it’s published by a new entity — Bearable Wizardry, using the icon/image that designed for me, as its colophon. I love iWork and Pages, already. Though Pages is not set up to produce booklets on 8.5″x11″ paper very well, at least not if you want page numbers. If page numbers don’t matter, then it’s easy.


Time to get cracking.

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