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Your favorite Star Wars character?
Your favorite Star Wars movie? The Phantom MenaceAttack of the ClonesRevenge of the SithA New HopeThe Empire Strikes BackReturn of the JediUmm… The Wrath of Khan?Hold on, let me get back to you on that.
What color is your lightsaber? BlueGreenRedPurpleYellowOrange
How do you weild your lightsaber(s)? One lightsaber, one hand.One lightsaber, both hands.Duel wielding, ninja style! Ph33r.Twin lightsaber, like Maul had.
What is your signature force power? Using the force to move stuff. Whee!Force persuasion. So… Wanna get me a soda?Force acrobatics… Bustin’ out moves like Yoda.Force lightning… How devious of you.Force funk! GET DOOOOOOWN!Force? I don’t need no stinkin’ force!
And now the big question… Light Side or Dark Side? The Light Side, you goody two-shoes.The Dark Side… You think you’re bad, don’t you?Umm… Is there a Neutral Side?
Is pretty fly for a Jedi. eynowd
Bustin’ out flips and jumps that’d make Yoda jealous. phoenixdancer
Is first to get killed in battle… How embarrasing. heron61
Manages to chop off one of their own hands. Ooops! yukon_jack
Wields a lightsaber like second nature. babymarco2005
Uses force lighting in the battle… CHEATER! adders
Comes out from the battle victor. not_croaker
Chance you leave this battle with all of your limbs in tact.

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Well… I’m over at school, and our wireless hub is up and running. I can get e-mail and surf the web. I can even visit LiveJournal, which is amazing.

On the other hand, I can’t access the school’s comments-writing program at all. I have all my intro paragraphs written, and they’re stored in my e-mail program. But I can’t open up a pathway into Evaluate, to cut and paste them in. I found one of the computers in the library work-room, where I could log-in and type in all the checklists. But no way am I going to re-write all the narratives again. I am going to get my computer up-and-running again, in such a way that I can cut-and-paste. Or I will know the reason why.

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