More Tiger Cleverness

Thanks to the beauty of Dashboard, I now have this little widget that can make posts to livejournal for me, without the bother of signing in, going to the website, and hitting LJ update.

The other cleverness in my day so far has nothing to do with computers. I’ve had a couple of these Japanese-accordion-fold notebooks from Molskine lying around for a couple of years — books I knew were going to be useful sooner or later, but not when. Well, today, I just figured out a use for them.


This summer, I will carefully turn my two existing notebooks in this style into historical timelines for my 9th grade history class and my 7th grade history class. I worked out the blocks of time for the notebooks this morning during breakfast. Each page in the ninth grade timeline book will be worth about 60 years. Each page in the 7th grade timeline book will be worth about 25 years. For ancient history, 60 years is about right. For modern history, since the Fall of Rome, 25-year increments is about right.

I’m going to go talk to the business manager and school store manager right now, and get these things on order for next year’s classes.

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