Phone Ain’t Workin’

So. The phone ain’t working right. In order to get a dial tone, I have to unplug both phones, plug them in again, and then dial. When I put the phone down again, I get neither dial tone nor the beep-beep-beep that says the phone is off the hook. So I have to go through the unplug, plug-in, and dial process again. There’s a message on the answering machine from last night which is this crazy, static-y mess. I think it’s , but frankly, I can’t be sure.

The real unfortunate bit here is that the internet connection appears to be working fine. Which means, in the usual way of things, that it’s my phones. One of them isn’t working properly, or the answering machine is on the fritz. Replacing this is apparently on the agenda for the near future. I’m not happy about this.

Anyone know what might be causing this problem? I have DSL screeners on both jacks, a cordless phone on one (that one has the DSL modem attached), and an answering machine and corded phone on the other.

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