Reducing the Comments Load…

By slow degrees this weekend, I’ve reduced my comments load from 52 at the start of the weekend, to 48 on Saturday, to 40 on Sunday, to 30 this morning. All of the writing class comments are done, both my tutees are done, and most of the fencing team comments are done. PB and MM aren’t helping with those, since I’m the one who’s had the most contact and experience with the team; next year I need a JV and a V fencing division, so that I can actually work with kids one or two on me, instead of managing seventeen kids simultaneously and usually alone. It will also give everyone more fencing experience.

Today is our last meeting regarding the DC trip I’m helping with in a few weeks. We need to settle the list of who is sleeping in which room, and get that list off to the hotel in DC. I also need to get reimbursed for the Shear Madness tickets — four hundred dollars is a not-inconsiderable sum. And it’s on my credit card at a time when I’m trying real hard not to have any credit bumps at all.

anyway, I’m out of time to write comments this morning, and I have to be in school… oh, two minutes ago. Thank the gods for exam days; without the late start and the long mornings without kids around, I’d never get anything done at the end of term.

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